The EBook Bakery Self-Publishing Agents for Paperback, EBooks and Audiobooks





et a self-publishing agent produce your paperback, EBook or audiobook.


Starting with your manuscript, we guide you through each publishing step. Your book will look crisp and professional and we'll offer suggestions to maximize its success.

We'll help you assemble the books' content.

We'll design your book's interior, cover and produce

     the paperback, EBook or audiobook.

We'll help you price it and offer marketing suggestions.

We arrange distribution to major retailers and independents


Authors recommend us because we are authors who know and care about how it feels when you first hold your clean, well-designed book.


Sound expensive? It isn't. You will get individualized service that costs less than the "packages" or automated services others offer. And you won't encounter rows and rows of extra costs.


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