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ost authors would rather write than focus on the technical aspects of turning a manuscript into a paperback or an EBook. They want the book finished and distributed for sales. But they also want an end-product worthy of the hours spent creating it.


Any successful chef knows, quality takes preparation...time in the kitchen. Our guarantee reflects how much we care that our work meets your standards.

If it doesn't, we'll refund what you paid (less out-of-pocket expenses that you pre-approve for stock photos, ISBN numbers or the cost of distribution).

We haven't been asked for a refund yet.  See what our authors say about us.


Let us give you a quote.

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1. Send us your manuscript for a price quote.


2. We will discuss your book and your publishing goals.


3. We will identify any missing elements, depending on the subject of your book. For example, does your manuscript include:


  • a title page
  • a publisher’s page with copyright text
  • table of contents
  • acknowledgments
  • dedication
  • main text
  • about the author page
  • previous books promotion
  • an index, if relevant
  • back notes, as needed
  • back cover blurb
  • identify keywords for your book.


4. We will discuss a cover for your book.


5. We lay out your manuscript and press files for a print-on-demand paperback.


6. For paperbacks, we order press proofs for review and your final approval.

Note: We do not mark up your printing costs. Ever. You pay the author's wholesale print cost.


7. We will make any further corrections/adjustments to your book's files.


8. We confirm that all changes you requested have been made.

9. We help you price your book.


10. We add keywords, metadata, author information and obtain the ISBNs that identify your book to retailers.


11. We distribute your book to major retailers world-wide.


12. You receive inventory for your book talks and literary events.


13. Because of how we set up your account, royalties you earn from sales are deposited directly into your bank account by the chosen third-party printer/distributor. Reports provide you with important financial and marketing information, including details on which retailers are selling your book(s), in which countries.


14. We create a free, sales-oriented, author's web page for you and your book.


15. Your free web page can also alert visitors to your book talks, to related promotional events, to your book reviews and we can even post videos of your book talks.


16. Our efforts don't end. We offer advice, suggestions and support long after your book hits the market.

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