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Rage at God

Ascending to Reunion.

by Anneliese Widman, PhD.


Rage at God: Ascending to Reunion is intense. It is passionate. It is powerful. It is relevant to today’s world. And Rage at God is a revelation to every seeker of self-healing and personal peace.


Through three riveting human stories, the startling, revolutionary concept of healing through rage at God is made clear and convincing. We learn about Marda, molested by her father, abandoned by her mother, unable to trust herself or others; Christopher, who found his wealth and position inadequate compensation for his emotional starvation; and Didi, a dynamic designer trapped in a literally murderous rivalry with her mother.


Author Anneliese Widman, former Broadway dancer and cutting-edge Bioenergetics therapist, explains her theory of “Reflectivism” recounting these stories with gifted perception. The notion that self-responsibility and spirituality blueprint our lives’ traumatic events as instructive messages from our deepest being to illuminate our path, our pain, and our purification.


Rarely has a shocking concept--rage at God--been made so understandably human as in Anneliese Widman’s portrayal of her three patients. Widman shows us that the impulse to blame God for our troubles is the tragic result of a failure to comprehend the very nature of our creation--the inviolate integrity of every entity and its subsequent self-determination.


Once this realization is reached, Widman proves rage at God turns into love for God. And, in her most inspiring revelation, we see that God’s love for us has been given to us all along.

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Eva Shelby, M.S.W., Certified Past Life Therapist

In her new book, Rage at God: Ascending to Reunion, psychotherapist Anneliese Widman, Ph.D., passionately extends her practice and knowledge of Bioenergetic Therapy, including development of each person’s male and female persona, beyond what they (chose) to reflect from their mother and father.


From succinct and poetic descriptions of three therapies, through Past Life experiences which resonate with Current Life patterns. Widman follows each client into Bardo or spirit realm between lives, where one is able to directly experience a personal connection to God, and the choice to come into the Earth plane to learn, through being human, and work toward reunion with God. Dazzling portrayal from the cutting edge of a therapeutic modality, which integrates Psyche, Soma and Spiritual Growth.


Click here to hear more from Anneliese Widman, Ph.D., and her book review on TruVue Radio. Anneliese Widman speaks in great detail about "Uprooting Satan's Grip--Opening to God."


Rev. J. Michael Ferguson, Pastor, Trinity Assembly of God

Anneliese Widman, Ph.D., reveals the greatest need of mankind: our connection to God. In this compelling book she identifies our unconscious, “acted-out” obstacle to that connection. Namely, our rage at the Essence. I read with excitement, interest and compassion the stories of three of her patients who probed their rage at God, and who, after psychological digging and intense soul-searching, found their paths to ascension and reunion.


It is truly an inspiring and inspired work--a must for those whose quest is wholeness, completion. Her methodology is grounded in psychology, which serves as the foundation to finding the “I AM” in ourselves. I laud her seeking nature.


Terry Santino, A.T.R.

This is an impelling book by a gifted clinician who clearly matches the courage of her patients with her own. Dr. Widman’s vividly presented case studies offer an inspiring example of the creative use of the self in psychotherapy. Her Bioenergetic work with people on a body level is both intuitive and strong. One has the sense that the writer has “been there” and has experienced the moments of illumination where body, mind and spirit are in harmony. She makes wondrous use of the arts to tap the core wherein lie our deepest wounds. I would recommend Rage at God not only to all therapists but to all who long for guidance from that bottom rung of the ladder to ascension.


E. J. Svasta, Jr., M.S.W., Faculty, International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis

Anneliese Widman, Ph.D., takes you right into the consultation room with three of her clients revealing in graphic detail how with her unique blend of insights and techniques from Bioenergetic Analysis, psychodrama, hypnosis, group process, karma and past-life therapy, a spiritual dimension, and her powerful and sensitive presence, she helps unconsciously tortured and torturing human beings find more healthful, hopeful and loving lives and relationships. Therapists, clients and the curious public will be interested and well informed.





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