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Aquarian Amazon

by Anneliese Widman, PhD.


Aquarian Amazon is the amazing, imaginative story of a modern woman and man who--in searching for inner peace--discover they are reenacting the struggles of a couple that lived seven thousand years earlier. That other couple, they realize, is themselves--their souls--in the ancient beginnings of problems that still trouble them today. Those problems, which involve the couple’s fundamental female and male aspects, are addressed as the story unfolds, in this gripping tale of emotional challenge and profound psychological truth.


Kendra personifies a soul who “goes for it” fully. She’s driven to do it all in this lifetime. Ronald is an example of another soul, in this case male, who is not driven and is comfortable with his neuroses and more fearful of confrontation with himself and change than of stagnation.


Aquarian Amazon gives the reader tools and inspiration to begin to deepen her/his journey toward balance, freedom and wholeness.


Learn how fusing the female/male energies in one’s being will not only help you to end the war of the sexes but to bring you to your Godself.


Click here to hear more from Anneliese Widman, Ph.D., and her book review on TruVue Radio. Anneliese Widman speaks in great detail about "Uprooting Satan's Grip--Opening to God."


Editorial Reviews for Aquarian Amazon


So Young Magazine


Dr. Anneliese Widman has brought her creative skills to roost on a fertile egg in Aquarian Amazon. Having quelled her “rage at God” in her last brilliant work, Anneliese draws on her knowledge of Bioenergetics to catapult us in-a-heart-beat from a therapeutic “massage” into a passionate affair between single, temporarily celibate, but seeking-her-perfect-male-balance Kendra (the massaged) and massager Ronald, the it’s-okay-to-play-around-as-long-as-I-don’t-rock-the boat-and-return-safely-to-the-wife-who-“mothers”-me by 6:00 p.m. even though “we no longer have a relationship.”


As you’re about to say, “I’ve-heard-this-story-before,” our couple connects with a past life, one shared eons ago, when Kendra was Nur, a seventeen year old Amazon, pregnant with her slave-lover, Sedeth’s (Ronald’s) child. She and her unborn child are violently murdered as Sedeth watches frozen in fear. Thus, the groundwork is laid for life upon life of tragedy and travail until the present when the two souls are able to examine where and how things went wrong. They fight to regain their balance in order to continue on.


Anneliese Widman’s ultimate personal goal is to become perfectly balanced in her own male/female energies (separate from all extraneous influences, especially maternal and paternal influences). In this way, she believes, one connects with the God-self, complete in one’s own essence.


Masterfully handled by a cunningly creative psychotherapist who draws from years of practice, Aquarian Amazon may well lay bare the reader’s secreted ghosts, slipping keys into locks the reader never realized existed. Bravo Anneliese! Provocative and fun! Who hasn’t been in a lopsided relationship in this crazy unbalanced world. Yet, to so deftly work through such a relationship (imaginary or real) sets a shining example for us all.


Aquarian Amazon is the kind of book you'll read a second and third time because it will have such a powerful impact on you. Anneliese writes on many levels and challenges the reader to reconcile truth and reality. In this reviewer's opinion, Aquarian Amazon is required for everyone seeking wholeness!


Metaphysical Reviews

Reviewed by Richard Fuller, Senior Editor


If you've been searching for a great book, one that talks about female/male relationships -- relationships of whole women and men who can find even greater wholeness together, search no more! And if you've been searching for a page-turner of a novel about a couple's discovery of such wholeness while unearthing a history 7000 years old, Aquarian Amazon is that book.


Author and psychotherapist, Anneliese Widman, has written a provocative, perhaps even startling study of fundamental male and female aspects that is exciting, gripping and filled with innate wisdom. Here is the story of Kendra and Ronald who, together, embark on a voyage to find balance, wholeness and freedom.


They discover their prior selves, who lived about 7000 years ago, and the complete person Kendra was then. "What happened to this complete woman?" Kendra asks. "Where had my lovingness gone? It's buried, misplaced. Dear God, what kind of woman have I become?" To answer, Aquarian Amazoncrosses the void, back and forth, to uncover the forgotten truths about the Godself that resides within us, and our real identity without unwanted masks.


And so it is Kendra who finds the courage to become the vital and strong Amazon of the Aquarian Age. It is Kendra who finds the wherewithal to discover the profound psychological and spiritual truth of wholeness.


Click here to hear more from Anneliese Widman, Ph.D., and her book review on TruVue Radio. Anneliese Widman speaks in great detail about "Uprooting Satan's Grip--Opening to God."



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