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When Spirit Takes Over

by Anneliese Widman, PhD.


A Love made in Heaven - Twin flames created from a single body of white fire separated at birth, searching for each other throughout eternity. Is this your search, too?


Lotte, the heroine of When Spirit Takes Over, comes face-to-face with her twin flame -a pastor who hides his passion under layers of dogma and piety. As she spirals more deeply into the mysteries of her soul, into buried childhood memories and recollections from past lives, her startling discoveries bring her an awareness of unspeakable psychological and spiritual secrets-all leading to the brink of freedom!

Editorial Reviews for When Spirit Takes Over


Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.,

author of Love is Letting Go of Fear

“For those who are spiritually hungry, this book will fill your appetite as it beautifully exposes the inner linings of a deep relationship.”


Nancy Lee, creator and host of "Lights On with Nancy Lee,"

New Thought Radio, KCOL 600 AM, Fort Collins, Colorado

"Dr. Widman does it again! She goes beyond conventional psychological wisdom into the uncharted terrain of past lives in emotional healing of the soul. I love this book."


Mark Alan Stamaty, cartoonist of Boox,

author of Who Needs Donuts?

"Anneliese Widman has a deep understanding of male-female relationships."


So Young! Magazine

"Anneliese has outdone herself in this magnificent book--a fusion of heart, spirit and soul. She, once again, delves profoundly into the male-female relationship and its bonds on the highest, most resonant levels to produce a novel of intense spiritual poetry. Dedicated "to Spirit" which is eternal and absolutely complete, and "to those who search for their twin flame, knowing they will then be whole, and ready to join their maker," psychotherapist Widman's fourth book reflects her personal evolution and continued restless odyssey through past lives to find her real Self--the Self which is intrinsic to all humanity. Insightful, wise and painfully honest, a must read for anyone who questions inexplicable, powerful male-female attractions and emotional healing of the soul."


Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI

"Deftly written by Anneliese Widman (a psychotherapist who has intensely studied Bioenergetics). When Spirit Takes Over is the engaging and spiritual romance of two destined souls separated by circumstance. Lotte is a beautiful woman who encounters her destined soul mate -- a pastor who conceals his true passion beneath the trappings and dogma of his daily duty. Lotte finds herself embarked upon a journey through her childhood memories, her past lives, and experiences remarkable self discoveries. From cover to cover, When Spirit Takes Over is recommended as a unique, entertaining, whirlwind of a novel."


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