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Uprooting Satan's Grip - Opening to God

Psychological and Spiritual Healing

by Anneliese Widman, PhD.


In Uprooting Satan's Grip-Opening to God, through two case histories, Dr. Widman shows how they deal with struggles similar to, yet different from, those we all face. The purpose of this book is to show the reader how to return to the Source, devoid of the evil ones, to bring ways to master these forces, and to remember the origin we all share - our Source, the vital force of our true self - and to ally with it as out friend and guide.


Finding the true Self is a mammoth undertaking; the process can take many years to accomplish. As Dr. Widman writes, "The task is a noble one, but we are all noble and godlike at our basic core. Is not the purpose of being on this planet to bring that core into the light, out of the unlit labyrinth, to completion - our connection to our Godself?"


This book will demonstrate how to approach such completion.

Editorial Reviews for Uprooting Satan's Grip


Brian J. Donley, Author, The Original Psychology of Success

Dr. Anneliese Widman has experienced for herself that Satan exists, that it has a voice, and can invade a person's body, mind, and spirit. Satan's one intention is total possession.


Dr. Anneliese shares her methods to unlock the inner psyche for the removal of demonic voices. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, she creates a story that explains how the evil one enters the psyche and the necessary steps to eliminate the destructive voices.


The knowledge and the wisdom that is shared within will open the doors to a new consciousness. The removal of the demonic voices will free your soul to allow positive transformations and to live your life more fully.


Parents, it is in your best interest to read this book and to understand how we influence the ones we love. If we can come to grips with our own inner psyche, we will spare our children from unneeded stress and turmoil.


Thank you, Dr. Anneliese, for creating this book. The lives that it will assist through greater knowledge will make this world a greater place.


Nancy Lee - Author, intuitive psychotherapist, creator and host of "Lights On with Nancy Lee" radio since 1997, president of SPRE, the Society for Psi Research and Education

"Dr. Widman explores the facets and depth of initial wounding of the child through inherent evil coming in through parental voices, and through darkness itself. She is compellingly astute as she delves into the battle between good and evil, God and Satan, in a broad spiritual context. It is a deeper consideration of the origin of psychological wounding programmed into the heart, mind and soul that must ultimately be uncovered and released. Powerful, compelling, conceptual work into the healing of the soul."


Roland Hinds of Creative Book Review

"I was mesmerized. This was the first feeling that overcame me. Then came enlightenment followed by a startling awareness that supernatural wars do happen around us but especially within us.


Anneliese's writing stye is very engaging and informative. As a reader, do not skip around lest you miss crucial information that will give you complete understanding of the gist of the book.


The author educates the reader about Satan, a malevolent force, in all of our lives. She emphasizes the existence of Satan and the need to be in constant touch with God. She reveals an interesting concept of self as falling into three categories: the not I, the I, and the I am. She introduces us to two characters, Gabrielle and Jesse, who are composites of humanity, herself , and the people in her practice. These characters represent the fallen nature of all of us and consequently magnify the darkness we have to recognize and extricate ourselves from.


Dr. Widman explores the ways in which individuals can fall prey to Satan: free will, patterns of behavior, victimization, parental demonic voices. She mentions how a patient's indulgence and laziness make him/her natural victims of the dark ones. Anneliese explains the anatomy of the voices - a subject not identified in other literature, giving the reader access to his and her own voices.


R. Winn Henderson, M.D., Host of "Share Your Mission"

Author of "The Cure of Addiction"

"If you doubt the presence and power of Satan and real evil in the world and in your life, you need to read this book! Dr. Widman's personal testimony will rock your world, or will put this issue in a whole new light of which you've never dreamed."


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