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My Female, My Male, My Self and God:

A Modern Woman in Search of her Soul.

by Anneliese Widman, PhD.


My Female, My Male, My Self and God: A Modern Woman in Search of her Soul is a dramatic and moving piece of spiritual writing from the innermost experience of an amazing woman, Anneliese Widman.

The former Broadway dancer and choreographer turned psychotherapist takes the reader on a breathtaking journey from a psychologically abused childhood to a series of failed relationships. In her exploration of who she is, Widman shares with the reader her confusion and pain as a child.

Her story of a tyrannical mother and an abusive, wimpy father grips the reader and compels interest like a character in a Kafka novel--except that this isn’t a novel. It’s true. Unable to connect to a satisfying self, she began a lifelong search for peace and meaning. In her quest, she shares with the reader her innermost secrets, loves, fears, hopes, and joys.


Editorial Reviews for My Female, My Male, My Self and God


Ronald Robbins, Ph.D., Author, Rhythmic Integration: Finding Wholeness on the Cycle of Change

This work, written with the stark honesty necessary for therapeutic growth, stirs hidden truths in the reader’s unconscious and bubbles them to the surface to be dealt with. Widman’s vivid images and intense feelings are a powerful vehicle...stimulating memories useful on the path to wholeness...courageous...a model for other works in this genre.


Roger J. Woolger, Ph.D., Author, Other Lives, Other Selves and The Goddess Within

Anneliese Widman, a well-known New York psychotherapist, has given us an unusual and poetic spiritual autobiography. Her book will be an inspiration to all those who have struggled with the scars of early abuse and its attendant pain and confusion in adult life and relationship. As she movingly documents, it is only by patient reflection on the deeper spiritual meaning in our suffering and by finding a full and honest relationship with ourselves--both the dark and the light within us--that we can find peace and wholeness. A fine, courageous and challenging book.


Bruce Joel Rubin, Screenwriter: Ghost; Jacob’s Ladder; and My Life

Anneliese Widman’s writings illuminate a journey through a deeply personal and passionate life. The path she describes has become a guide for many seeking psychological and spiritual awakening and her words have served as a beacon for weary travelers crossing the tumultuous oceans of their lives.


Bookpages, Fall 1997

Formerly a Broadway dancer and currently a practicing psychotherapist, Widman shares her innermost secrets, loves, fears, hopes, & joys as she takes readers on a breathtaking journey from her abusive childhood through a series of failed relationships to her eventual spiritual awakening.


NAPRA ReView, Holiday 1997

In a non-coincidental universe, qualities from past existence purposefully occur in our parents and then are “reflected” in each of us. “Reflectivism,” if I understand this correctly, synthesizes psychoanalysis and Bioenergetics in a therapeutic process in which each person may face and overcome limitations through taking responsibility for actions once imposed on others and now experienced within his or her own life. Dr. Widman teaches the way this works by telling her own life story--her traumatizing childhood, her passion for dance, failed relationships, discovering her emotional armoring, exploring past lives, and so on, emerging joyfully as integrated male and female, self and God. An intermingling of poetry and narrative prose unite the feminine and masculine modes in a fascinating journey of self-recovery and integration.


Concepts Magazine, Summer 1997

Dr. Widman uses prose and original poetry to express the emotionally upheaving inner search that many of us have experienced. The book’s bold honesty stirs our own hidden truths and brings them to the surface to be examined and dealt with. Dr. Widman speaks firsthand of the pain and frustrations we have all felt as we travel the road of self-discovery.


It is refreshing to read a book by a professional counselor with the courage to write about her own tumultuous past. How do we make sense of who we are? Will I ever fit all the pieces together? Why can’t I be content with what I know now? How does God fit in this picture of me? Dr. Widman’s own questions are the same ones we ask ourselves. The reader will discover that this exciting, painful and beautifully written account speaks directly to the heart and encourages it onward.


Click here to hear more from Anneliese Widman, Ph.D., and her book review on TruVue Radio. Anneliese Widman speaks in great detail about "Uprooting Satan's Grip--Opening to God."



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