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Medical Ethics and The Blurred Boundaries of ‘Do No Harm’

by Paul McLean


Cognoscenti/WBUR Boston


I feel in over my head. I am sitting at a table in a conference room of the Countway Library of Harvard Medical School, with an esteemed and brilliant ethicist to my immediate left, a man I know to be a strong proponent of assisted dying in Massachusetts, and to my right a woman who is both physician and Catholic nun.

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Richard Paker ended his career as one of the Mad Men of the New York advertising world, having worked as an artist, account executive, sports and movie promoter, textile executive, and fashion authority. Of all of the rewarding positions he has held, says Parker, "the time I served as Mademoiselle’s assistant was beyond comparison."

Richard Parker on WPRI TV 12 -

The Rhode Show with Co-host  Meaghan Mooney

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