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A Place of New Beginnings The Third Book in Clay's trilogy

Clay Berry lives with his wife, Beth, in Wakefield, Rhode Island where Clay has served as pastor of the Wakefield Baptist Church for over twenty years. Clay was recently awarded the Doctor of  Worship Studies degree from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. His thesis examined connections between

worship and healing.

   Through a Shattered Looking-glass is his first work of fiction, and the first in a series of novels that will explore issues of mental suffering and the restoration of hope.

A Place of New Beginnings is book three in a series of novels which address issues of mental suffering and the restoration of hope.

The emotional struggles Tamara Baxter endured as a child in New York City (described in Berry’s first novel, Through a Shattered Looking-glass) began to subside as she moved to a dying farm in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and placed herself in the care an elderly woman named Barb Fletcher. In Those Frightening Things You Should Let Win, Tamara’s newfound faith flourished under Barb’s sensitive and prayerful guidance as she tended a small flock of lambs. Her positive experience of the Blossom’s Rest community was so transformative she convinced Barb that the Fletcher farm should be repurposed to become a place of healing for others who suffer like her.

In A Place of New Beginnings, Tamara learns that living in community is arduous work fraught with challenges that continue to threaten her recovery, one of which, surprisingly, is falling in love. Yet with the help of that same community, she discovers hidden sources of grace that yield forth new life in wondrous ways.


Proceeds from the sale of these novels will be donated to two therapeutic farming communities dedicated to serving those struggling with mental and emotional suffering: Harvest Acres Farm in Richmond, Rhode Island ( and Gould Farm in Monterey, Massachusetts (