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Through a Shattered Looking-glass The first novel in Clay's trilogy

Talented New York City financiers Aimee and Terrance Baxter are positioned on a clear path to success. But their anticipated rise is soon frustrated with the arrival of their daughter Tamara who shows early signs of a serious mental disorder. Certain she can manage Tamara’s illness herself, Aimee refused professional help. Her denial leads the family down a road they never saw coming. Husband Terrance is increasingly frustrated and isolated, as he watches his daughter Tamara spiral ever deeper into the endless rage she expresses in demonic drawings that let us glimpse her anguish.

 A trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire offers a path to recovery. Through the love of an old farm woman named Barb, the family begins to find healing and redemption.

     Through a Shattered Looking-glass is an impressionistic expression of an experience that defies simple portrayal. Readers witness the shadowy regions of family strife brought on by mental illness, yet the story offers powerful hope.

Clay Berry lives with his wife, Beth, in Wakefield, Rhode Island where Clay has served as pastor of the Wakefield Baptist Church for over twenty years. Clay was recently awarded the Doctor of  Worship Studies degree from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. His thesis examined connections between

worship and healing.

   Through a Shattered Looking-glass is his first work of fiction, and the first in a series of novels that will explore issues of mental suffering and the restoration of hope.

A portion of all proceeds from the sale of this novel will be donated to Gould Farm in Monterey,Massachusetts (, and to Harvest Acres Farm in Richmond, Rhode Island ( These therapeutic farming communities provide holistic environments dedicated to recovery and healing. I encourage you to support the care they give to others.

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