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Those Freighting Things You Should Let Win Clay's second book in his trilogy

Those Frightening Things You Should Let Win is the second in Pastor Clay Berry’s series of novels exploring issues of mental suffering and the restoration of hope.

Beginning in Through a Shattered Looking-glass, Tamara Baxter’s story continues as the teenager from New York City seeks healing from the mental disorders she has suffered since early childhood.

As she matures, Tamara takes a personal initiative in her recovery and returns to the small village of Blossom’s Rest, New Hampshire. There, tending a few lambs teaches her as much about the recovery of hope as the supportive people surrounding her do. Adopted into this farming community by her elderly mentor, Barb, Tamara is introduced to the strengthening mysteries of prayer and discovers new meaning through the hard work required to care for the farm and her neighbors in need.


A portion of the proceeds from this novel will be donated to Gould Farm in Monterey, Massachusetts (, and to Harvest Acres Farm in Richmond, Rhode Island ( These therapeutic farming communities provide holistic environments dedicated to recovery and healing from mental illness.

Clay Berry lives with his wife, Beth, in Wakefield, Rhode Island where Clay has served as pastor of the Wakefield Baptist Church for over twenty years. Clay was recently awarded the Doctor of  Worship Studies degree from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies. His thesis examined connections between

worship and healing.

   Through a Shattered Looking-glass is his first work of fiction, and the first in a series of novels that will explore issues of mental suffering and the restoration of hope.