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Dark Night of the Soul

Debra Zannelli


A centuries old vampire, Gregor, kills to sate his hunger for blood but also for the pleasure of the kill. Abused by his parents, Gregor hates anyone who reminds him of the weak and fearful child he once was. Gregor also has a son, Marcus, whom he took years ago, and attempted to make him into a creature like himself. But Marcus is nothing like Gregor. Trapped, painfully tormented by what he’s been forced to become, Marcus clings to the humanity Gregor has tried to erase. He needs to feed on blood, but Marcus cannot find it in himself to attack innocent prey. Even on the night he was to make his first kill, Marcus rescues his intended victim. He saves the little girl, Maddy, and makes his escape.

Years later the two encounter each other. Maddy recognizes Marcus as the face in the nightmares that haunted her since the attack. She knows Marcus is a vampire, but she understands his special nature - that of a tormented creature at war with his own demons. Knowing that, she comes to love him.

But Gregor lurks. He returns to the New England town where his son Marcus escaped him. Still angry, wanting to punish all those who stand in his way, Gregor begins a killing spree and leaves a chain of bodies in his wake, The town’s citizens hide in terror behind bolted doors.

Gregor’s murders spur Marcus who teams up with Maddy and her brother Judson. The three work with the local police and have a singular goal: stop Gregor before he kills again.

The battle that begins brings all of them face to face with the best and worst mankind can offer.

   Debra Zannelli is a retired teacher assistant and a graduate of Mitchell College. She was raised in Cumberland, Rhode Island. For eighteen years she lived in Salem, Connecticut and worked in Norwich at the Chelsea Groton Savings Bank.

  She enjoys hiking and sings in the local community chorus. Debra lives with her husband of 38 years in Exeter, Rhode Island and has one adult son.  Dark Night of the Soul is her first novel.

Illustrated interpretation of the character Maddy by

V. Lee Dussault

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