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Getting the Book You Purchased on to Your e-Reader

For Kindle readers - book files ending in ".mobi"

How do I get the mobi eBook file I just purchased onto my Kindle?


#1 - you can use your Kindle as it were an external hard drive.

Plug one end of your Kindle charging cord into the Kindle.

Plug the other end into your computer's USB port.

The contents of your Kindle will appear on your computer screen.

Just as you transfer a file from one folder to another on your computer, open the "Documents" section of your Kindle and move the downloaded book file into it.

That's it. When you turn on your Kindle, the book title will in your list of books.


How to read your "mobi" "Kindle" eBook on your computer.


Go to this on line address at Amazon:


Download the Kindle Previewer, choosing the correct button for a PC or a MAC computer.


Once the program is installed, double click on your "mobi" book file to open and read your eBook.




Each Kindle reader has a personal email file. In the Kindle Fire, you will find it by touching "Docs" from the Kindle home page. Your personal Kindle email appears at the top of the bookshelf. (Your Kindle email address is formatted in this fashion:


Attach and email a copy of the purchased eBook file (it has a "mobi" extension) and send it to your Kindle email address. Wait a bit.


From the home screen on your Kindle, touch the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of your Kindle.


Touch "Sync."


Your eBook will appear in your carousel.

For iPads, Android tablets and phones,  Windows tablets or computers - book files ending in ".epub"

How do I get the eBook file I purchased onto my  iPad, Android or other non-Kindle eBook reader?


For the iPad, first be sure that you have the free iBooks app installed.


Then, once you have downloaded your purchased eBook file (be sure to purchase the "epub" version), attach a copy of thaefile to an email.


Send the email to yourself.


Open the email in your iPad.


Touch the attachment icon. The book will download.


Touch it a second time. Select "Open in iBooks." The book will appear on you iBooks shelf and will open.




Adobe makes a good eBook reader for

epub files so you can read them on your

PC. It is called the ADE for Adobe Digital Editions reader. To install it:


Go to this address at Adobe:


Click on the installer button - "Launch" - button and install the ADE reader on your desktop or laptop. Note: there is also an Android version available for your smartphone or android tablet.

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