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"...offers up an insightful, thorough and sometimes amusing look at mid-century life in Ireland as a medical student."

Review by the prestigious
Mensa Bulletin Magazine

"Doc: Revelations of a Reluctant Yank Studying Medicine Among the Irish by E.B. McKee, M.D. (The EBook Bakery). “[Regarding} the ambience that was Dublin and the College of Surgeons in the late 1950s and early 1960s…I was dazzled by the theater and the talent of its players, participated in their prodigal use of alcohol, sang their songs, and danced their dances-and, in some ways, became as Irish as the Irish themselves.” This “American in Ireland” is more than a rare look into the training of physicians in that era, it is also a travelogue of life in that time and place, replete with medical school anecdotes, historical details, amorous entanglements, and imaginative riffs that give you a generous sense of what it was like to be a medical student of that era and locale."


Revelations of a Reluctant Yank

Studying Medicine Among the Irish

by E.B. McKee, MD


Prodded by his formidable Aunt Bertha to become a doctor, college-grad, Gene McKee, agrees to explore Europe in search of a welcoming medical school. Seizing the opportunity will provide relief from the tedium and stench of a temporary job as a fish cutter in Rhode Island.


The frustrations and apparent futility of the quest, extending through Ireland, England, Scotland, and France, test his resolve. But just before the clock’s final tick, an unlikely acceptance to the College of Surgeons in Dublin opens the door to a future not exactly of his own choosing.


McKee’s rite-of-passage travelogue is replete with anecdotes of medical school and Dublin life during the late 1950’s and early 60’s. Recounted with self-deprecating humor and considerable honesty, we witness McKee’s transformation from a reluctant medical student to a competent physician. Enjoyably peppered with historical tidbits, amorous entanglements, and imaginative riffs, reading Doc and seeing Ireland with its rich cast of “characters” through a young Irish-American’s eyes, will surely bring smiles to the faces of readers and for some a twinge of recognition.

E.B. McKee, MD

About Gene McKee, M.D.


After graduation from the College of Surgeons in 1961, Dr. McKee completed an internship and residency in Family Medicine at Memorial Hospital in Pawtucket R.I. Then, fulfilling an ROTC commitment, he entered the US Air Force, and was assigned to the 551st USAF Hospital at Otis AFB on Cape Cod, Mass., as a General Medical Officer. Subsequently he was chosen to attend the School of Aerospace Medicine in San Antonio, Texas.  Upon completion of that program he returned to Otis AFB where he headed the Flight Surgeons office. Discharged from active military duty in 1966, he joined the medical staff of United Airlines working in Denver; Washington, D.C; and New York. (Dr. McKee maintained a military affiliation and retired, after twenty years of service, as Hospital Commander of the 143rd  Airlift Wing, R. I. Air National Guard.)


Dr. McKee returned to R.I. in 1970 and established a family practice, became board certified, and maintained the practice until 2000. During this time-span he also directed the occupational health program at the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics in R.I.


Upon retirement from private practice, Dr. McKee was appointed Medical Director of an urgent care facility, a position maintained until 2010. He continues to provide services at the facility, albeit with a modified schedule.


Dr. McKee has occupied various executive and clinical leadership positions at South County Hospital in Wakefield, R.I., and he has enjoyed associations with various medical and civic organizations over the years. He is a member of the R.I. Air National Guard Society, Mensa, and the R.I. Historical Society. Married and the father of five, Dr. McKee presently resides in Narragansett, R.I.

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Gene's Informative History A Most
Extraordinary Era
in American Medicine

1. Chartres Cathedral

2. Bernie Lavelle off the Irish Coast

3. Keem Strand

4. Royal College of Surgeons Dublin

5. Crest of the Royal College of Surgeons



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