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How Lee Krasner Built His Legacy


Valliere's new e-book tells the inside story of how Jackson Pollock became recognized as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. The book

describes in detail how key decisions were made in the early 1960s by Pollock’s widow, Lee Krasner, to build his reputation.


The author and art historian James T. Valliere was the first person to work with Lee Krasner on this vast and ultimately successful project.


His interviews with Pollock’s contemporaries, including artist Willem de Kooning, have been featured in many publications and books.

All of these interviews are in the Archives of American Art.


Offers unique, first-hand insights into the politics and maneuvering that takes place behind the scenes in the modern art world.

James T. Valliere was the first researcher to work with Lee Krasner Pollock organizing the Jackson Pollock catalogue raisonné and researching Pollock’s papers from 1963-1965. His article on Pollock’s Old Master influences was published in Art Journal.

Valliere’s interviews with Pollock’s contemporaries are in the Archives  of  American  Art.  Six  of  these  interviews  have  been published in Such Desperate Joy: Imagining Jackson Pollock, edited by Helen A. Harrison. The title of that book comes from his interview with Willem de Kooning, which first appeared in Partisan Review in 1967.

His index of Pollock’s library, with Francis V. O’Connor, is published in Jackson Pollock: A Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings, Drawings, and Other Works, Vol. 4, Yale University Press. He was also  interviewed  with  Lee  Krasner  on  the  television  program “Jackson Pollock: A Reconsideration” for WNDT Public Television of New York City in 1964.

During the 1980s and 1990s, Valliere researched and collected the graphic art of the American Christmas Seal campaigns from 1930 to 1950. This collection, featuring Rockwell Kent’s 1939 Christmas Seal design, has been exhibited in Provincetown and at the Cape Cod Museum of Art. The collection has also been featured in Americana Magazine, and Valliere’s research on Kent has been published in The Kent Collector.

Valliere served as director of the Chandler Gallery in Provincetown, where he organized an exhibition of the drawings of Edward Hopper. Most recently he researched and authenticated a painting by Frederic Church. The report of this work is in the Church Archives at Olana, his home and studio in Hudson, New York.

Valliere has a B.A. in American studies from Marlboro College, where he concentrated in art, economic, and intellectual history from 1930-1960. His M.A. is in history from the University of New Hampshire, where he focused on the ideas driving American culture after WWII. His graduate studies also included research on Pollock’s early drawings after Renaissance masterworks.



James Valliere conducts a memorable interview with artist Edwin Wilwayco posted at the

Singapore-based Momentous Arts gallary site.


This is a must read.





Pollock - How Lee Krasner Built His Legacy.  The eBook -$3.97


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Pollock - How Lee Krasner Built His Legacy. The eBook - $3.97


Once downloaded, how do I get my eBook file on to my Kindle reader?

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