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Suzie only wanted to eat pizza and peanut butter...she considered new foods so...





Icky, Picky Suzie

Kim Korb


Kim Korb’s classes on gardening, cooking and nutrition have for years encouraged picky New England grade school children to understand where good food comes from and to try fresh veggies and fruit.


Kim discovered early on that a surprising number of kids know only that food comes from supermarkets. In her workshops, Kim shows the children seeds,plants,flowers,stems,leaves,fruits and roots. Let Kim tell you in her own words:


“We began with a gardening program to show how a seed, when planted, grows into a large plant, and the plant is not only edible, it’s delicious and healthy for you.

I would cut up and serve them raw vegetables with a spoonful of dip: peas, lettuce, carrots, broccoli, spinach, and celery.

But there would always be some kids who thought raw foods were gross and would not try them. They were missing out on the best that nature offers, and I wanted to encourage them to try fresh vegetables. Icky Picky Suzie is the story that came out of my experiences.


The students could relate to Suzie. They wrote me letters thanking me for sharing that story and how it helped them to try new fruits and veggies.


“These days the Korb family, like most, is spread across the USA. But we often get together with our kids at the family home in Rhode Island and eat fresh food from our garden, just as our kids did when they were growing up (Well, after they got over being icky picky!).


“Icky Picky Suzie is a family collaboration that is 10 years in the making!  We really enjoyed making this book a reality!”