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Two Centuries, Two Countries

Two Husbands


by Luisa Stigol, M.D.


Two Centuries, Two Countries, Two Husbands chronicles the life of a successful Buenos Aires-born woman who straddles two countries and two very different medical worlds during a century of transition. Luisa Stigol received her medical degree in Buenos Aires during the oppressive reign of President Juan Peron when his party dominated Argentina.

     Ten years later, Stigol relocated her family to Boston where, for thirty years, she was a pediatrician connected with the Harvard Children’s Hospital. Follow Stigol’s candid descriptions of a doctor’s sometimes painful, sometimes joyful encounters with patients and their families, during a career that reflects dramatic changes occurring in medical care.

     Stigol’s personal life intertwines with her challenges as a physician. Paradoxically, a woman who succeeded in a challenging medical career was unaware of the painful reality that she was married to a man consumed by alcohol dependency. That and Stigol’s successful battle with cancer lets readers bear witness to the life of a physician whose experiences reflect the transition in a woman’s role.