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Preparing Your Manuscript

Send us your manuscript for a quote on producing your paperback book or eBook. Here's some considerations when preparing your book.

11. Images and tables require special handling in eBooks. Most are placed as in-line objects versus wrap-around objects. In other words, place them in your manuscript in this fashion:
















And not like this:
















12. Images: Provide images in a .jpg or tiff format if you can. However we will, at no added cost convert image files sent to us in a .png or .giff format. (For paperbacks, use high-resolution images, ideally 300 dpi. Not sure? Send what you have and we'll help.)


13. Changes before distribution for sales: We will happily make changes as needed as you proofread. Just email your list and we'll send you back a new proof file. Changes are requsted by identifying them in the sentence (or paragraph) to be changed. That is, give us a "searchable phrase" to find them. (Pages and paragraph numbers, used in print proofing, do not work well in eBooks which lack fixed page numbers that remain constant.)


14. Changes after ebook distribution: You will incur new costs, if you want changes made after your ebook has been distributed. To minimize such costs, we urge authors to proof carefully before giving us the go-ahead to distribute. (Changes to paperback books are easier to make at the time that you reorder quantities of your book.)


15. Manuscript ownership: eBook and print services are offered only to the legitimate owners of a manuscript. We will ask you to sign a statement confirming that you own the rights to your manuscript.


16. Turn existing paperbacks or hard cover books into ebooks? If you are the author or publisher with rights to a printed book, ask us to quote on converting your backlist.

For conversion to an eBook.


1. Files: We accept manuscripts prepared in the major file formats including:


. doc (preferred)

. docx (preferred)

. txt

. rtf

. html

. pages

. indd (Adobe InDesign) (preferred)

. we also accept PDF files


2. Fonts: eBook readers often choose font sets automatically. Use Times New Roman or Courier New to create your manuscript. Note: Symbols and characters that are not in a standard font may not work in your eBook.


3. Font size: Use 12pt font size for body text and 14 to 18pt for chapter titles.


4. Spaces: We'll do our best to duplicate the spaces indents, lines and paragraphs that appear in your manuscript.


5. Footnotes: Footnotes in eBooks are handled as end notes in the back of the book. Links to and from them provide readers with easy access. Indexed books with links provide added  convenience for your reader. In eBooks, we link the chapters in your Table of Contents for further convenience.


6. Page numbers: For eBooks, page numbers (as well as headers and footers) will be ignored. Why? Popular eBook readers allow readers to choose type sizes and fonts, and each choice alters the number of pages in your eBook. eBook readers display sections or percentages of the total book. The good news is that eBooks include a dynamic Table of Contents, a clickable link to your chapters.


7. Publisher information: Be sure to create a publisher's page and decide on your imprint (your publishing name). Include your copyright information, any endorsements you have obtained, your dedication page and acknowledgments. We'll work with you to add metadata and your ISBN numbers (which we can supply as needed at a small cost).


8. Covers: As with print books, smart ebook covers help sell ebooks. ebooks are most often read in "portrait" position (tall vs. wide), so consider cover artwork with that in mind. The ideal cover size is 600 px(wide) by 800 px (tall). Or, we'll resize your cover as long as we can work within the dimensions you provide. More important, If you supply your own cover, remember that most web sites initially display covers in small (thumbnail) sizes, that enlarge when clicked. So be sure your cover design will capture attention in a small size.

Or, we will create your book's cover. Cover design prices vary depending on the complexity of the cover. Our average price is $250. See examples.


9. Tables: In some cases, we turn tables into image files for your ebook. Set table numbers in 10 or 12pt type size, not smaller.


10. Proofreading: It is the responsibility of the author (or his or her publisher) to proof your manuscript and the book proofs that send you. We will try to catch your errors, but proofreading is the author's responsibility.

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