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The Heartspace Portal Mark L Collins (Sriman Das)

In the unitary, undifferentiated still ocean of Existence-Awareness-Self, body, senses, mind, intellect and jivas (embodied souls) are nothing but evanescent ripples not apart from that sole Self.

- From the Ribhu Gita

This book is for you if you have you been exposed to spiritual aspects of yoga and/or Eastern mysticism and are now ready to delve into the spiritual aspects of your being. If you are an open-minded spiritual seeker and have embraced the idea of unity consciousness, this book contains deep insights from Hinduism, Buddhism, mystical Christianity, paganism, shamanism, meditative yoga, and other spiritual belief systems woven together with science and philosophy.

In this book you will find deep insights into the true nature of reality and our reason for being.

If you feel love and compassion are paramount to spirituality, you will find ideas and techniques to better yourself and the world. The book also touches on the riddle of creation itself, while offering a solution that makes sense to the heart and spirit. It reveals the God-given gift we all share and need to utilize so that we can transform ourselves and the world.