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Do you think about aging?

Why face it now?

Here's why.


Many societies embrace aging while ours considers it a defect.


We hide our signs of aging and whistle past our mortality. We have euphemisms to avoid the “D” word. We create a new apartheid–based on age–that segregates our elders, placing them in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.


All this fear of aging wrecks havoc. Denial limits introspection which erodes our self esteem. Fear whispers we have “all the time in the world” and leads us to unconscious choices. It undervalues precious time.


Can you imagine the tremendous benefits if you come to terms with your aging?


Coming to Terms with Aging: The Secret to Meaningful Time offers a better alternative–Life Awareness–an inspiring way to deal with life’s natural pathway. Learn the ten most common aging fears and how to overcome them. Learn the ten powerful benefits you gain when you do. Learn how aging serves life and why mortality is the engine that drives your life. The Life Awareness approach diminishes fear and frees you to move on to positive priorities.


Everyone ages.

We can live in denial, but we won’t escape it. Coming to Terms with Aging offers help accepting aging so you can enjoy the present–ever sacred second of it.


by I Michael Grossman

What critics say:


"Coming to Terms with Aging deals with a crucial area...a theme of great a public desperately in need of such a message."
Sherwin B. Nuland, M.D., National Book Award Winner for HOW WE DIE and author of THE ART OF AGING.

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