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How Much Dough?

e offer individualized support for less money than others charge for "meatgrinder" service. Sounds like hype? Call us. Test us. Ask questions. We're published authors who enjoy helping fellow authors self-publish. Check us out. Check our service. Our prices. Above all, read what our authors say about us.  Check our attitude. Sure, we have attitude, but the kind that makes you smile, not clench your fists. Did you know we guarantee you will be satisfied?


Our prices depend, naturally, on the complexity of your book. We have a $350 per book minimum for simple paperback interior design. How much will your paperback or EBbook or both cost? Email your manuscript file for a quote.


What's a simple paperback or ebook? Typically the manuscript is under 250 pages, with fewer than 20 chapters. Generally they lack tables, footnotes or cartoons.

More complex books have multiple tables, footnotes and images. Many benefit from indexing. Some have tables, sidebars or cartoons.

How fast? What about print costs? With print-on-demand, you can print a single book, or print 500 books. We can get your paperback printed in a matter of days not months. It's wonderfully inexpensive. (We also design hardcover books with dust jackets.)

Distribution. We direct distribution through third party professionals who offer several distribution options. We do not take a referral fee from them to be sure that we have only your interest in mind. The distribution cost for your paperback is negligible, usually $25. For ebooks, distribution packages depends on how many retailers get access to your book and also on the percentage of royalty the third party distributer takes. We'll help you decide what's best for you, and we'll be objective since we take none of your royalty earnings Ever. Distributors provide sales reports so you'll know which retailers sold your title(s). (See distribution packages.)

Have a backlist? If you have published but don't have the digital files, let us scan your book and create them. We'll convert you paperback into an ebook. Ask for a quote.

Get a quote: Email your manuscript to

Please note: we respect both the confidentiality and ownership of your manuscript.


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