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Rock Your Restaurant

Running a Restaurant by the numbers to maximize profits. - spreadsheets included!

by Roger Beaudoin

Rock Your Restaurant is a powerful new tool for owners and managers with easy-to-implement financial systems and fully operational, downloadable spreadsheets.

New and seasoned restaurateurs alike discover game-changing tips to run a tighter ship and identify the critical numbers driving your bottom line. No more flying by the seat of your pants. Where are your real weak spots? Know what’s actually happening in the areas that count most.

Learn how to stay on top of key operations, limit employee theft, control inventory, cost your menu, identify and market your most profitable items, increase your food and liquor buying power, limit overtime expenses and so much more.

Read about this highly successful restaurateur’s entertaining mistakes and his triumphs during over 20 years in the business.

Download and use the exact spreadsheets Roger Beaudoin uses today, concepts that produced over $1 million dollars in sales in just 4 months at his nationally known restaurant. Beaudoin’s proven system provides the power you need to drive higher profits. Is your restaurant making as much money as it could? It can now.


 A Note from the Author

The restaurant business is one of a thousand details. Owners and managers have so much to be on top of, and, as we all know, just surviving night to night and putting out daily fires is challenging enough. As you’ve seen, I’ve learned from hard-earned experience that you have a critical choice to make: you can run a business by the-seat-of-your-pants or you can run it by following a well-organized, systematic process that covers the myriad of details upon which your success depends.

The problem with a seat-of-the-pants or a run-on-a-hunch operation is that instincts are often wrong, and as far as the details are concerned, it’s too easy to forget them in the heat of day to day operations. Getting them done can make or break your restaurant. Did you remember to cost out the menu?  Did the new bartender get trained on your “free drinks” policy? Did anyone check the use-by dates in the cooler? Did the bottles get recycled? Did your office manager cut the early clock-ins from the payroll timesheet? The list goes on, and it never ends. Carving out time to analyze your business is difficult, and until it becomes a habit, the effort may seem intimidating. Following a solid system like Rock Your Restaurant is key to maximizing your profit and efficiencies.

Our mission is to help you focus on the key areas so you run a stronger business.

One thing is absolutely certain. Restaurateurs who run their business in an organized fashion will be tomorrow’s Restaurant Rock Stars, and they’ll be loving it all the way to the bank.  The systems I share with you here led me to ultimately sell my restaurant at a very strong price to an operator who saw its value and who continues to use these super-successful systems to achieve record sales and profits for his new operation.

Whether you seek to someday “exit” your restaurant or simply to run the most efficient and profitable operation possible, it is my sincere hope that this program helps you to achieve your goals.

Please visit regularly for new blogs, podcasts, training tips and new products to help you Rock Your Restaurant.

I wish you the best of success.


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