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Distribution of your Paperback or EBook

to Retailers. And Other Services

e arrange for distribution of your book through the leading on-line retailers, chain stores and through local Independent bookstores.  When your book sells, the ebook Bakery retains none of your royalties. We have no ax to grind and can focus only on what's the best choice of sales options for you.


Free distribution of your paperback to bookstores:

The paperback we create for you is distributed free, without added cost, to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and made available to other brick and mortar booksellers and through the Ingram catalog.


EBook distribution:

When we create your EBook, we set up  accounts at the Kindle store (Amazon's KDP), at Barnes & Noble, at Kobo and at Apple's iBook store. You retain 100% of your royalties which are direct-deposited into your account by the distributor, The accounts we set up for you offer detailed sales reports - invaluable information to help with your book marketing efforts.

Paperback and EBook Services


Cover design for simple or complex covers: See samples.

Cover design considerations include your cover's effectiveness both in its full size, and thumbnail size for internet display. We help you develop attention text for your cover including the blurb text - your cover's most  important sales tool.


ISBN and copyright. We provide and register your book's 13 digit ISBNs - your book's unique identifier. We provide boilerplate copyright text.)

Note: you may need as many as three ISBN's. You'll need one for your paperback book and two for your ebook - one for Kindle ebook files and another for the file used for most other ebook readers. When registering your ISBN, we take the added time post your keywords, metadata, author information, and your book's promotional information. Every small step helps your book get discovered.


Editing and proofreading support. As authors ourselves, we'll help with our comments. However, at the end of the day - to use the term the British coined - proofreading is the author's responsibility. We can recommend professionals we respect should you need editing and proofreading support.  But unlike many companies in our field, we never take a referral fee from someone who we recommend. We have only one thing in mind: your best interests.


Changes fees and extras: Want a wonderful surprise that's a huge money-saver? Read about it here.

Convert your print book into an ebook? Of course Ask for a quote. Don't settle for an ebook that's merely a  PDF. True ebooks are are interactive, and provide readers with the controls they want for their reader.


Indexing. If an index can enhance your particular book, we can provide what you need for a content-intensive manuscript.


Footnotes and links. We can create links in your ebook to your endnotes, footnotes or to external sites when doing so helps provide your reader with more support..


Print-on-demand. Want us to turn your ebook into an inexpensive print-on-demand paperback? Or turn your paper-back into an ebook? It's smart to offer your book in both media and you'd be surprised how many readers purchase both . With print-on-demand your minimum print run is a single copy,


Websites.for authors. Our services include a free page at the EbookBakery. website for your book. We also design custom websites for authors and they often include videos of your book talks, TV appearances, workshop segments, or links to radio show or podcast interviews


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