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Sharon White, R.N., B.S.N


“Nurse Sharon White shares stories born of the wisdom of her many years spent in the homes and at the bedside of persons nearing the end of life. Readers, be they patients, family members or health care professionals, will find that the stories ring true…”

Paul Bascom, MD FACP, OHSU, Palliative Medicine and Comfort Care Team


“This book explores the journey of a compassionate hospice nurse as she grapples with many of the questions we all face. I recommend this book to anyone in search of the truth about dying and about hospice.”

Eddy Marie Crouch, Licensed Clinical Social Worker


White provides “…an example of what it truly means to be present with the dying. These stories are authentic. Sharon acts and speaks bravely from her heart. Your perception of death will change after reading this book.”

Teresa Looper, R.N., B.S.N., C.P.H.N., co-worker and supervisor of Portland Providence Hospice


White’s stories “...reach out to patients facing death, to families and to all health care providers. This book can be a very useful tool for education for all interested in the dying process.”

Barbara McEachern R.N. Former Administrator, Director of Nurses, Willamette Falls Hospice


Whose Death is It, Anyway?

A Hospice Nurse Remembers


hite’s book helps normalize the dying process and take the unknown out of the hospice experience. Follow her helping others find comfort, effective pain control and a higher quality of life while at the same time honoring each patient’s individual processes. Learn how with hospice’s expertise their journey is made a little easier.