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Death at the Angel


By Stewart Cohen, P.h.D.


On July 1, 2, 3 1863 two great armies the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia, met on a battlefield located in the farming community of Gettysburg, Pa. They met to continue a war that had been raging since April of 1861. It was now halfway into a horrific spectacle that eventually claimed 750,000 men. The Army of the Potomac, with its newly appointed field commander Major General George Gordon, assembled a huge force of soldiers, and hoped to thwart the ambitions of the most successful Southern general, Robert E. Lee.


Cohen’s books takes the reader along for the series of battles over the course of three days in which 52,000 men were lost, a staggering total. Despite those losses, Major General Meade was able to defeat General Lee’s most ambitious final offense against the North.


Another key player in Dr. Cohen’s historical fiction, is the black union spy John Scobell, a secret agent of Major General Winfield Scott Hancock.


Cohen’s book depicts the adventures of Scobell and his colleagues as they live out the drama and horror of the war at this critical time in America’s history.

Stewart Cohen, PhD., taught for 36 years, in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Rhode Island.


During his teaching career, he developed a special interest in the American Civil War, especially the men and women who lived during that turbulent era in our nation’s history. Cohen’s research and travels to American battle grounds helped him understand the crucial contributions of black people who had contributed to the war effort. Cohen found that often the involvement of black Americans in the Civil Was had only been footnoted by historians, many barely acknowledged, who had contributed to the war effort.


The stories in this book capture the contributions of those Black Americans as they lived, how their varied roles lead to greater freedom for all people, and the special facets and accomplishments that were characterized by the spirit of their lives.


Stewart Cohen lives in Rhode Island with his wife Joan and her two cats, “Bonita” the Inquisitor and “Timido” the Fearful.

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