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Autumn Blight: Slaughter at the River


Antietam: America’s Bloodiest Day

by Stewart Cohen, P.h.D.


On September 17, 1862 the most horrific battle ever fought on American soil occurred. It was

fought in three parts, in a cornfield, on an old country road and at a bridge that crossed the river, each contributing to the slaughter of American lives, North and South, in unprecedented number.


Antietam is truly the bloodiest day in American history. This story focuses on one of the participants at Antietam, a black spy by the name of John Scobell, who contributed to the Federal effort and the adventures surrounding his participation in the events of that pivotal time.


Scobell’s story was one of the many untold chapters of the Civil War, remaining largely hidden for decades. In this book, what is known of his life is depicted, supplemented by created tales that depict how it might have been conducted in his role as spy. It is the first of five books that place John Scobell at Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg and Petersburg during this turbulent era in American history.


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Stewart Cohen, PhD., taught for 36 years, in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Rhode Island.


During his teaching career, he developed a special interest in the American Civil War, especially the men and women who lived during that turbulent era in our nation’s history. Cohen’s research and travels to American battle grounds helped him understand the crucial contributions of black people who had contributed to the war effort. Cohen found that often the involvement of black Americans in the Civil Was had only been footnoted by historians, many barely acknowledged, who had contributed to the war effort.


The stories in this book capture the contributions of those Black Americans as they lived, how their varied roles lead to greater freedom for all people, and the special facets and accomplishments that were characterized by the spirit of their lives.


Stewart Cohen lives in Rhode Island with his wife Joan and her two cats, “Bonita” the Inquisitor and “Timido” the Fearful.




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