On a chill November night, Thea Lorimar arrives on the last train to the small village of Kingston, Rhode Island. She patiently waits for someone to meet her unaware it will be her killer.

Who is she? Why is she sitting alone in the darkness? And why would anyone want to murder her?

South Kingstown’s Detective Lieutenant Kara Langley must find the answers and catch the person responsible for this disquieting death in the town once affectionately known as Little Rest.

Claremary Sweeney is a writer/photographer living in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. She spent her earlier years in the field of education and now, retired, uses her imagination to create stories that can be enjoyed by children of all ages and the young at heart. Within A Berkshire Tale, are the original ten ZuZu Stories about the adventures of a kitten born on a farm in the Berkshire Hills. The book is filled with the settings that make this area a historic as well as a cultural center in western Massachusetts. She continues to write other tales in this series and is currently working on a Christmas adventure set in Stockbridge during the annual Norman Rockwell Weekend held during the first week of December each year.

Last Train to Kingston is the first in a series of adult mysteries using Rhode Island historical sites. Last Rose on the Vine is the next book in this series and is set at the University of Rhode Island. It will be out in the spring of 2018.

The author lives with her husband Charley and their two cats ZuZu and Roxie. Roxie hopes, some day, to have a book of her own, but for now spends time complaining about being “Roxie Dammit, aka The Other Cat” in featured posts on Ms. Sweeney’s blog, Around ZuZu’s Barn, Conversations With Kindred Spirits at www.aroundzuzusbarn.com

Sweeney’s creation is a book in verse about a baby pitcher plant at the Roger Williams Botanical Center. When a fly pleads for him to spare his life, the plant decides he will no longer eat meat, causing much chaos in the garden.

The tranquility of an early Sunday morning abruptly ends for University of Rhode Island master gardener, Miriam Carnavale, when she discovers the body of Professor Paul Waddington in the college’s rose garden. His throat is slashed, a Rhode Island red rose boutonniere tucked into his tuxedo. South Kingstown Detective Kara Langley soon realizes there are more than enough suspects among the disgruntled graduate students working for the Waddingtons’ program. But, investigating further, she finds the unpopular couple has left behind allegations of harassment and embezzlement at the previous colleges where they worked. Has their past finally caught up with them in the peaceful Kingston village? Paul’s pretentious wife, Stephanie, knows more than she’s telling, leaving Kara to piece together the clues before the murderer strikes again.