What Works and What Doesn’t
For a Pandemic Parent For Any Age child

“Lion Dad serves as a practical guide for parents on how to balance the pressures of academic excellence with both encouragement with compassion; all while instilling worth which transcends ‘grade point average’ and standardized test scores. I was able to witness how this approach nurtured a confident, kind, and happy child resulting in admission to a prestigious Computer Science program in an Ivy League school. Lucky would be any community who welcomed him- wisdom and maturity beyond his years.”
– Karl J Mueller, Superintendent, Coronado Unified School District

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Are you confused about how to position your child for college admissions?

Do you want to know the best way to succeed in every aspect of the elite school admissions process??  Or any college? 

Are you undecided about which college to apply for?

I know what you are going through and it’s not fun.

I have recently been where you are now and know what works in todays Pandemic Era. I know what kept me up at night, where to get solid advice, how to do extremely well in high school and beyond.

You see, my son, my only child, has managed to gain admission to several elite schools as well as the Ivy League University he now attends in spite of significant hardships and proclamations from people in authority who predicted otherwise.

The college application process is a minefield with many pitfalls. Unless you have intelligent, well thought out direction you will hurt your child’s  chances.

I have thought deeply about our process starting from birth and my learnings will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with the information I have gathered and the blueprint I provide in this book.

I have delineated my Lion Dad approach (as opposed to the Tiger Mother) which I believe will succeed much better in our culture.

I have vetted thousands of websites and have annotated many of them in the reference section. With over 300 references, many illustrations, tables, and charts as well as anecdotal stories, these clearly demonstrate a step by step path to optimize your (and your child’s) chances of success.


The Pandemic has changed everything about education at every level and new information about how to navigate this changed landscape will in itself be worth your time to study this book. Do not be intimidated.

Radical change can mean opportunity for those who accurately understand and plan for the new environment. 

All that’s left to do is to start reading and implementing my Lion Dad approach!

From the Del Mar Times

Carmel Valley resident Dr. Ira Goodman released a book to help parents guide their children into the best colleges and universities, largely based on the journey he went through with his son.

The book, “Nudge Your Cub Into a Top 100 College TODAY, Including the Ivy League: What Works and What Doesn’t as a Pandemic Parent For Any Age Child”, was published under Goodman’s pen name, JK Roark, MD.

“Basically the book is a step-by-step guide for elite school planning, admissions and success,” said Goodman, who said he’s received a lot of positive feedback from readers in the months since it’s been released.

Goodman, a physician, said the book was guided by the experiences and obstacles he encountered in helping his son through school and into college.

“I really took a deep dive into every area of his childhood,” Goodman said.

He also addresses the challenges students have been facing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced school districts into distance learning. Many students have struggled to keep their grades up, causing concern about how this year will impact their college prospects.

“Everything that I write in there is taken in light of the current pandemic and how that affects education,” Goodman said, adding that he included “a lot of information about the pandemic in general and how it affects education.”

Goodman said the book discusses three areas that help lead students to success: cognitive ability, emotional intelligence and executive function.

“Most people stress cognitive ability, which is measured by how you do on the SAT, what your GPA is, what your advanced placement scores are,” he said. “But not many people spend a lot of time on emotional intelligence.”

A greater awareness of emotional intelligence and executive function, which guides a student’s decision making, are lesser understood areas that can pay dividends, Goodman argues in the book.

“That will allow them to position themselves in a place in the world that is consistent with who they are and what will make them happy,” he said.

Goodman also said the book offers “several key conclusions,”

“One of the fundamental conclusions is that you should treat your child with respect as a thinking, feeling person, as opposed to someone to manipulate and control,” he said.

Goodman developed the concept of a “lion dad” as an alternative to “tiger parenting,” a term coined by a Yale Law School professor to describe parents who are overly strict and demanding. The book also includes add-on notes and other materials that did not make it into the main text.

In addition, he condensed a long list of websites with more information and resources into a list of the 50 to 60 most useful.

“You could spend your whole life looking through all these websites,” he added. “We picked out the ones that we used, and I wrote a little paragraph on each one.”

Some of the other topics in the book include nutrition, participation in sports, public schools versus private schools, and neuropsychological studies.

“This was a labor of love for me, and something I feel like I had to do,” Goodman said.

For more information, visit Goodman’s book is available on

Board certified in three specialties, Goodman has written several articles and chapters for medical journals, according to his website biography. He has traveled to over 65 countries, lectured worldwide, and he has volunteered in several countries to perform needed surgery, including Nigeria, India, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico.