Authors Review the EbookBakery

“I have never enjoyed myself more than doing the eBook with Michael Grossman! He’s a great, down-to-earth guy who’s extremely knowledgeable in his field. Michael walks you every step of the way through the process and in a few weeks my eBook was on Amazon! I highly recommend this gentleman and friend.”
Corrine Adams, illustrator, author, The Vampire Chronicles

“Michael Grossman designed a beautiful electronic and print edition of my novel, The Winters. He read the book and understood its nuances. He worked with me to come up with a distribution plan, attended my book signings, and even posted a video of one of my talks on his web page. He provides full-service attention to his clients.
Betty J Cotter, author, Roberta’s Woods, The Winters.

“A great experience, Michael is knowledgable and helpful, as well as willing to go an extra mile when it is needed. He is a pleasure to work with.”
Stewart Cohen, Ph.D. author of civil war histories: Antietam, Fredericksburg

“I was delighted to have the EBook Bakery produce my collection of poems, The Persuasive Beauty of Imperfection. Michael Grossman is both professional and personable, and as an author himself, knows just how to be the best partner, guide, and cheerleader throughout the process. My confidence in his skill and expertise only grew as we worked together to bring my book to life. Most importantly, I was thrilled with the results, and have had nothing but compliments on the look and design of the book.
Michael is passionate about literature, and it shows. His enthusiasm was  inspiring.”
Marguerite K. Flanders, author of The Persuasive Beauty of Imperfection

“Michael Grossman is at the top of the cream of the crop in his ability and commitment to help authors self-publish their books. When I gave Michael, what I thought was, a “perfect” copy, he found the “typos” and suggested a more effective layout for the book. Thanks to his expertise, patience and knowledge throughout the process, we created a book of highest quality and will, I believe, delight many readers. Working with Michael on this has been one of the best experiences I could have imagined. His attention to detail and awareness of what makes a successful book is outstanding.”
Nora R Hall, Survive Your Husband’s Retirement

“I received the first copies of my book!  It is the most extraordinary experience!  I love the cover.  I know I’ve said THANK YOU a zillion times, but that doesn’t cover my gratitude to you for getting this project done.”
Nancy James, author of Iniki’s Quest

“The book, at long last, was finished, but what do I do now? I was frantic. Michael Grossman, a true professional and great friend, made it all seem easy. He calmed me down and took care of everything. In his quiet way he cleared a path through the black hole of self-publishing. From picking the right type style to formatting and designing for iPads and Kindles, getting the paperback printed and distributed, he is the best. I never could have done this without him. I highly recommend Michael to bring your book to fruition on all the different entities.”
Carroll Kenyon, author of Azimuth Point

“Self-publishing has become a wonderful option, and yet the process includes myriad details. Michael has a wonderful command of these details, a great respect for writers and their art, and is the reason I have a finished copy of my book Blood Lines in my hands and another on my iPad. That he is a joy to work with is simply icing on the EBookBakery cake.”
Paul C. McLean, author of Blood Lines: Fatherhood, Faith and Love in the Time of Stem Cells

“My working and personal relationship with  Michael Grossman could not be better. He is a highly organized professional and personal friend, who has helped me in many ways, not only in publishing my book, The Improbable Return of Coco Chanel, but in the organizing of the material through his critical  understanding of what was necessary to make the book a success.”
Richard Parker, author of The Improbable Return of Coco Chanel

“Michael Grossman “held my hand” every step of the way once my manuscript was edited.  His professional knowledge and approach allowed me to bring my book to life.  His cover design and formatting concepts completed the “look” of my book, of which I have had many compliments.  In addition, he took the time to meet with me on many occassions, read and re-read the manuscipt for flow and errors, then called with ideas for change. I could not have published this book without him.  As a professional and a great human being there is no better than Michael Grossman.”
George Popovici, author of Angels Walking with Us: True Stories of Faith, Hope and Miracles

“Michael Grossman was not only a necessary part of self publishing my book but also a delight to work with. I did not realize all the technicalities of self-publishing, and nothing phased him. He handled it easily and got the job done. And he was always there – making me feel that mine was the most important task – whenever it was: nights or holidays. A real pleasure to work with, Michael is very highly recommended.
Harris (“Hershey”) Rosen, author of Creating a Guide So Your Loved Ones Can Go On Living

“I think you are incredibly professional and efficient. You did everything you promised me and in record time. That was after my print edition publisher struggled for a year trying to get out an e-edition! You also gave me the correct advice on pricing, title listings on Amazon and helped write the press release- all of which gave me the best exposure possible in the e-book world. Kindle was definitely the best way to go as my only e-reader edition. Your re-design of the cover was superb!
James T. Valliere, Art Historian, author of Pollock: How Lee Krasner Built His Legacy

“Working with I. Michael Grossman was extremely pleasant and rewarding. His personal commitment to making sure that the book I worked on for so long was exactly as I would wish it to be, while adding his own dogged determination to see to it that the book not only was ready for prime time quickly, but also dedicating himself to the task of providing an aesthetically pleasing layout and making sure the photographs were as good as they could be. His personal commitment to his work, his caring attitude and quick response, made the publication of my book seamless and gratifying.”
Yvette Nachmias-Baeu, Author of Ledicia’s Key, Best Friends, Clara at Sixty and A Reluctant Life.

“Working with Michael to publish my book offered me all the left brained solutions needed to put my predominately right brain at ease. He was enthusiastic, patient and knowledgeable at his craft. I highly recommend eBookBakery if you want a professional final product you can be proud of!”
Wendy Rappaport, author of I of the Tiger

“Michael, it exhausts me to think that you’ve produced 7 books, while I marvel that I ever had the wits to produce just one: Sacred Errand. I want you to know that I look back on our collaborative effort to publish it with great fondness. You offered me important perspectives and guided aspects of the book — such as the back cover’s blurb — that made a real, positive difference. I continue to thank you for all that.” John Harkey – Author of Sacred Errand