Judy Kugel


Life, Love and Limits in the Bonus Years

What they say about 70-Something:

“…an easy-to-read guide to well-being in one’s eighth decade, and beyond…” John W. Rowe, M.D.

“…a pioneer…her experiences give me hope and confidence as I contemplate the rest of my 70’s…”
Joseph Quinn, Professor of Economics

“…she allows the reader a look into her thoughts, her feelings, and her motivations as she moves through the 8th decade of life…she packs a lot into just a few hundred words. Almost every segment I read left me smiling, sad, or able to see my own journey in hers.”. From Bob Lowry, author, Living A Satisfying Retirement and Building A Satisfying Retirement.

Life in our 70’s presents unique challenges as anyone already in or nearing that decade well knows. That’s why readers of Judy Kugel’s 70-Something: Life, Love and Limits in the Bonus Years frequently find themselves nodding in recognition.

In this book, based on her popular blog that The New York Times described as “quietly dramatic,” Kugel shares often tender, inevitably wise, and frequently humorous insights into life during her eighth decade.

Kugel describes her sense of loss on leaving her work community after thirty-three years at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and her successful quest for an engaging retirement. Her candid descriptions of married life, parenting, health issues, and friendships offer a sensitive look at how aging shapes our relationships.

Kugel’s scope is broad. Enjoy her take on travel, food, and exercise. You’ll relate to her attempts at wrinkle eradication, seeing her mother in the mirror, and reminding herself to be grateful for every day of her bonus years.

As one reader wrote, “Judy gets what I’m feeling.”
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