The Vampire Chronicles

A Collection of Illustrations from artist Corinne Adams

About the Vampire Chronicles.

This is the most coveted Vampire Chronicles. It is a collection of varied and unusual vampire portraits.

My vampires are from various times and dimensions, from the past to the present. Each illustration has a story to tell. You will find a story forming in your imagination with each turn of the page. So get ready to leave the human realm behind and come and share the strangeness, the beauty, the horror, the humor, the erotic and the macabre with these supernatural beings.

Humans can only wonder at the unimaginable and glorious adventures vampires experience. This collection of pictures show only a small part of this mystery. The rest one can only fantasize about. Welcome to all the strange worlds of vampire secrets. They will unfold in many forms and fantasies. Watch your step as you enter The Vampire Chronicles.e