Paperback and EBook Services
     We’ll help you get your manuscript ready for publishing, then get it published. Our focus is on layout and design. We’ll help with editing comments if you want, but we don’t provide formal editing services directly. It your book could use additional editing, we have a cadre of editors and proofreaders we can suggest. At the end of the day – to use the term the British coined – proofreading is the author’s responsibility. We also have referrals to indexers and illustrators if needed.
     Unlike many companies in our field, we never take a referral fee from someone we might recommend. So we have only one thing in mind: your best interest.
     We include cover design for simple or complex covers. Or we’ll work with your designer and provide the required cover specifications.
     Cover design considerations include your cover’s effectiveness in both full size, and thumbnail size for internet display. We help you develop your cover’s blurb text – one of your most important selling tools.
     We obtain and register your book’s ISBN and help with boilerplate copyright text and a Library of Congress number. When registering your ISBN, we take the added time to post your keywords, metadata, author information, and your book’s promotional information. Every small step helps your book get discovered.

What about an ebook?
Convert your print book into an ebook? Of course. Ask for a quote. Don’t settle for an ebook that’s merely a PDF. True ebooks are reflowable, interactive, and allow readers to set the controls they want, like font or type size. Important note: Yes, you can turn your book into an ebook with a single click following publication of your paperback. The problem is, the free service uses software that produces a poor quality ebook – for example, with lines that run together and worse. Google the issue and read what authors say about that free service. We transform paperbacks into ebooks manually, by hand if you will … but we do it right.











































Indexing. If an index can enhance your particular book, we can provide what you need for a content-intensive manuscript.
































Footnotes, endnotes and links (ebooks).
































Photos: many of the memoirs we publish have photos that require digital restoration. We provide that.
































Press proofs: The beauty of print-on-demand is how inexpensive it is to order press proofs. Authors find proofs help make last minute improvements since they provide an inexpensive way to see your book and cover in advance of publishing.
































Print-on-demand. Want us to turn your ebook into an inexpensive print-on-demand paperback? It’s smart to offer your book in both media and you’d be surprised how many readers purchase both.
































We arrange for distribution of your book through the leading on-line retailers, chain stores and Independent bookstores. We retain none of your royalties all rights to the book are the authors alone.

Free distribution of your paperback to bookstores: The paperback we create for you is distributed free through KDP’s distribution or extended distribution to most major book sellers around the world.

EBook distribution:
When we create your EBook, we’ll show you how to maximize the royalties you can ear. You retain 100% of your royalties which are direct-deposited into your account by the distributor.