How Much Dough Does It Take to Bake?

We offer individualized support for less money than others charge for “meatgrinder” service. Sound like hype? Call and test us. Check our responsiveness. Above all, read what our authors say about us.


Our prices depend, naturally, on the complexity of your book.
What’s a simple paperback or ebook? Typically the manuscript is under 250 pages, with fewer than 20 chapters. They lack tables, footnotes, cartoons. More complex books have multiple tables, footnotes and images. Often we have to restore photos to make them look better.
     With print-on-demand, you can print a single book, or print 500 books and they all cost the same. Printing is fast and wonderfully inexpensive, especially so since you buy them at cost without markup from us.

Distribution. We direct distribution through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and they offer several distribution options. We’ll help you decide what’s best for you, and don’t take any of the royalties you may earn – ever. Distributors provide sales reports so you’ll know which retailers sold your title(s).

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Note: we respect both the confidentiality and ownership of your manuscript.