How Blockbuster Trade Shows Got Their Start From a Trade Show Manager Who Was There






Discover secrets you may not know about the multi-billion-dollar
Trade Show world…

  • the British Royal who created the first Great Exhibition in 1851 in London
  • the show that’s now the largest annual US trade show
  • the show that’s the world’s largest for personal assault weapons
  • where Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware go to stock shelves with hardware merchandise
  • the food and confection show that sells out of exhibit space very year – in both NY and SFO
  • the trade show wizard who brought shows to over 10 American markets
  • the financial show that began in NY and quickly spread to eight countries
  • how the trade show experts deal with bomb threats, fires, floods and snow storms

meet Russell Flagg who was there and get a peek behind the curtain.


Flagg Management, Inc. Shows
Over the Last 30 Years

New York Accounting Show
California Accounting Show
Midwest Accounting Show
New Jersey Accounting Show
HPC/AI for Wall Street (High Performance
Computing/Artificial Intelligence)
SEF-CON, (Investment Derivatives
Conference and Show)
Fixed Income Conference
Human Resources Conference and Show
Disaster Recovery Conference and Show
Automotive Marketing Services Show
Tax Advantage Investment Conference
Sales and Marketing Show
Plant Engineering Show
Great American Firehouse Show
French Fashion Show
The New York Cash Exchange
FIM-New York (Financial Investment Management)
FIM-West (Financial Investment Management)
FIM-Chicago (Financial Investment Management)

Russell Flagg is the president of Flagg Management Inc., a New York corporation, dedicated to the management of trade shows throughout the United States.
Russ started with Alcoa, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, working in advertising and marketing, selling aluminum products to American businesses. He then moved to Remington International, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, as an export manager, marketing to international electronics dealers in Europe and the Middle East.
Clapp & Poliak came next, learning the trade show business with a small, but important, industrial event firm. Saul Poliak was his mentor and friend.
Working for Charlie Snitow, the legendary producer of dealer and consumer shows, was next on Russ Flagg’s career path. Charlie, too, became a mentor and valued friend in the business.
Experiences with Saul Poliak and Charlie Snitow left an indelible impression. Working alongside these intrepid innovators, Russ gained the confidence and know-how to launch his own company, Flagg Management, Inc. For over 30 years, his company has produced new shows in accounting, human resources, sales and marketing, fixed income, and Wall Street technology.
Russ lives in New York with his artist and graphic designer wife Holley Flagg. He graduated from Syracuse University, served in the Army in Korea as a company commander, and enjoys photography as a creative outlet.