– horror, time travel, Wampanoag Indian folklore, utter mayhem …
Open J.J. Cunis’ latest book and you open Pandora’s Box, Cape Cod style.

“I’ve never been a big fan of gore or horror but these Pukwudgees are somehow lovable in their horrific mayhem!”
– Tom Anderson , Author of the musical The Dismal Life of Conrad Crum

Do you like roller coasters that don’t stop when they’re supposed to … and then rush off on an unexpected track? Well once upon a time …

In 1992, horrific carnage was unleashed on upper Cape Cod, Massachusetts stemming from events that happened many years earlier when four teenage boys became fast friends, went into the woods, searched for evidence of a local legend and found something they hadn’t bargain for! Diminutive evil beings, the bane of
Wampanoag Indian folklore and the subject of tales told to this day to keep children close to home … followed them home … and it was very bad.

Pandora’s Box was opened and the boys owned a secret they dared not share with anyone … ever. It was up to them alone to face the horror, close that lid and reverse the mass mayhem occurring across multiple lifetimes.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joe and his wife Nancy have lived year round on the Cape since 1984. However, according to local customs, only their daughter Kaylyn can be considered a native Cape Codder.
Joe has engaged in numerous occupations and activities from paperboy, to bag boy, to laborer, to metal fabricator, to bank examiner, to CFO, to COO, to ghost youth sports writer, to entrepreneur, to movie extra, while writing along the way.
His roots were in Marlboro, MA and he’s been replanted in Boston, Washington DC, New York, San Juan, Houston and finally Cape Cod where he expects to remain firmly planted barring any climatic catastrophes … “knock on wood.”
Learn more about J.J. Cunis and the origins of Itchiwan at and @jjcunis on Facebook and Instagram